Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh my goodness! It's definitely feeling and looking like winter outside! I love fall and it feels like it passed me by. I feel cheated! But, honestly I was probably so busy, I just took advantage of a good thing and missed it. I blink and the day is over. I don't know where the time is going. I'm already 6 months pregnant, Noah is almost 2 years old, I've been gone from the TBC and have been selling Real Estate for over a year, AND it's almost Christmas!!! wow! I'm loving life and have to remember to enjoy every day and not be in too much of a hurry for tomorrow.

Our series at church right now is called Advent Christmas and the theme is Spend Less, Give More. It really is helping me to reflect and focus on true Christmas. I have such a desire for family, tradition, and helping. My heart is overflowing! I love Christmas and I love giving.

Life has been recently revolving around Nathan and his music and I love seeing him work. He is doing exactly what God has called of him. For those in the area, Making Malorie's CD Release Concert at our church, 24 Church, is this Sunday, November 23rd at 7 PM. Come ready to be blessed and your soul rocked! I don't get tired of listening to them! Some of their new pics are posted on our web album. Speaking of pictures, also take a look at all of the new Noah pictures. He went trick-or-treating for the first time and got his first candy- A Reese's Cup. He loved it and wanted more, but one was enough. He was a Race Car Driver for Halloween and was pretty timid about going up to strangers. Nathan and I took turns, but we only drug him to about 6 houses. We were in Maryville for a gig, but I wasn't willing to miss Halloween! Noah is a ham these days and talking about everything. I've added a little video of him talking. Nathan is asking Noah what he wants to drink, and Noah is saying,"Dadgummit Milk!" everytime. Just in case you need to know before you listen. Sometimes it's hard to tell, but it is hilarious! The inflection in his voice adds to the humor.

Stay Warm!