Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today was another doctor's appointment and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat! Watch the video and you can hear it too. It's such a great feeling of relief to know that he/she is alive and well in there. I have lost another pound or two, but my tummy is growing. I'm a little big for this stage, but our initial ultrasound did show only one baby- so atleast that's not a worry!

This weekend we celebrated my brother, Jay's, 31st birthday! We went to dinner at Tony Roma's and then went to pet the sting ray's, and ride the carousel. Those pictures are all online. We had so much fun. It was a wonderful family evening together. Happy Birthday Jay!

This Thursday night at Austin Peay, Nathan's band, Making Malorie, will be playing a mini-concert for the students. It is open to the public and they are going to be doing some of Nathan's originals. They are supposed to play at 8 PM and are very excited for the opportunity. If you're near the area, you should come enjoy the show! But, I will obviously try to post some pictures and maybe video from the evening.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Noah- 18 months

We went to the doctor for Noah's 18 month check-up and he finally grew! He hadn't grown since his 12 month appointment and it was about time! He was so big at first that he needed a little time to level out. He is now 33.5 inches tall (75th percentile) and 27 pounds (50th percentile). Dr. Prine says that is a great ratio and that he is doing wonderful. We talked about his eating habits, his sleep schedule, and answered lots and lots of questions about his progress in social and developmental skills. Of course, he passed all of the tests. He said hi and bye to every nurse and to Dr. Prine and was full of personality. He had a vaccination and cried for about 2 seconds only because he had to lie down on the table. We've been working on getting his allergies under control so his nose will stop running, but it's just that season. He's in perfect health and we don't have to go back until 2 years old! Time sure is flying!
Noah's 18 month pictures are up- check them out! http://picasaweb.google.com/rachelloxley
Right after we had the pictures made, Noah got his first real haircut. He did an amazing job and looks like a big boy now. Definitely not a baby. It was sad to see the curls go, but it was time. I think Nathan dealt with it the worst. He was so proud of his son's cool hair!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hope and Hannah Chayse turn 3!

Please check out all of the pictures or you won't believe it for yourself! It was a crazy fun party. There were way too many people, but it made it all the more fun. Hope and HC only turn 3 once, right? And who's to say they'll always be in love with Princesses. So, it was the perfect time for a Princess Party at their palace. There were games, prizes, food, AN AWESOME CAKE, and even a moon walk. It was a costume party, so all of the kids and some of us festive adults dressed in our best royal attire. Noah did all he could with his wardrobe, but he was dashing! I wore a bridesmaid dress and thank goodness it still fit. 3 of us in the family, just happened to wear Nanu's pearls- very cool that we were blessed with those gifts! KK was the Queen of Hearts and we talked Pops out of his queen outfit! We had a really great time and Noah slept good that afternoon. From our web album you can link to Jay's web album, where there are lots more pictures.

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Hope and Princess Hannah Chayse!

We Love You~ NaNa, RaRa, and Noah

Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Has Come and Gone!

Sorry that I've been a horrible blogger this summer! It seems like it has flown by. It has been an amazing last few months- and it only keeps getting better. I guess one of the last times I wrote we had just added a new family member, Lucy the dog. She's been a great addition and constant playmate to Noah. I have been the skeptic, but it's working out pretty good. Well, since then we have another new addition to the family, but this time it's by way of my belly! We are expecting baby Lox #2! I am due March 4th and am thrilled. I am feeling very good, much better than the first time around. But, my cravings seem to be a little stronger :). We are just praying for a healthy baby, and we honestly would be thrilled with a girl or boy!

It feels as if most of our summer has been spent on the road (even though that's an exaggeration!) Nathan's band, Making Malorie has been playing for several youth camps all over this summer. Noah and I have been to the Cherokee National Forest and to DISNEY WORLD! Disney was a first for Nathan and Noah, and we'll be back! We've driven a few thousand miles this summer, but it's been a lot of well spent time together.

Nathan has also kind of given birth this summer, to his little project! Making Malorie has been in the studio recording their first album. He has had a blast with it, but it's been a lot of work. It is a 6 song short CD, but Nathan wrote 3 of the songs. So, of course, he's a little attached to the project. Hopefully it will be ready in the fall for your listening ears. We'll keep you updated. Until then they're selling several different shirts to help support the cause. They even have baby and toddler shirts!

Little Noah isn't so little anymore. He's already growing into the roll of BIG BROTHER. He's growing and developing so quickly, my baby is gone! He has atleast a 50 word vocabulary and it's always increasing. He's obsessed with cars and trucks and has gained quite a collection. Car rides keep him very entertained just pointing at all of the big trucks and white trucks! He really is a lot of fun these days, even though he's learned the word NO. Man, oh man!

Ok, so I know I've left out a lot of details....hours of swimming, multiple family reunions, birthday parties, and time shared with friends- BUT you can view it all in our web album of pictures. Follow the link that's on the right! And I promise to try and do better on this blog thing!