Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Home Team and Snow

Good Morning! Noah and I are enjoying a day at home. It is snowing outside and is beautiful! It started last night and has been going off and on ever since. We were slightly worried that it would delay the first meeting of our new Home Team last night. At our church, Home Teams are small group Bible studies that meet at homes during the week. It is a great thing that we really enjoy being a part of. Our first team just split because we were way too big and our leaders had their 4th child- so it was a good point of transition.
The new team is meeting at our home for now, and is going to be great.
Logan and Melody Creasy are leading it, so that's an added plus to fellowship and study with close friends. We had a really good time and not too many people were deterred by the snow. We had 9 adults and 2 kids. Noah has a new best friend. Cade is 5 months younger than Noah, and Noah was all over him. He was kissing him over and over. Cade took it in stride. Our new Bible Study book that we will be going through together is called "Get Uncomfortable" and is about getting out of our comfort zones and making a difference in the world. Nathan and I are looking forward to this! We both have a heart for injustice and seeing it change.

After Home Team, we decided to run up to the church to see the progress on the building. Nathan had been there until 11:30 PM the night before and was anxious to see the day's work. It is looking like a real church (or atleast our kind of church!) Everyone is helping out so much and we are so thankful. While we were there, we heard the good news--We were approved to start meeting under the condition that a fire truck be in the parking lot while services were taking place. A small price to pay and many thanks to the decision makers who made this happen!

So, this Sunday, March 2nd, 24 Church is officially in the new building on Substation Road. Come visit us! Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the snow in your area!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Our First Blog!

Well, we've decided to discontinue the website and create a blog.

The website was becoming more work than it was worth and I always had to erase stuff to fit more stuff on it! So, here's the latest and greatest~ our blog has arrived!

Here's what is going on with us right now. Noah turned 1 in January and is a mess. He is walking all over the place and talking up a storm. We don't usually know what he's saying, but he's talking! And usually he has a phone up to his ear while he's talking. It's really funny and embarrassing at the same time. I guess he sees it alot!

Nathan has always been super busy with multiple jobs and that has all slowed down in the last couple of months. He is now only working 2 part-time jobs instead of 1 full-time and 2 part-time. He is officially not teaching guitar lessons anymore, but working part-time at the Music Store in Clarksville and still leading worship at 24 Church. After 3 years of having church in a school, we are just over 1 week away from being in our permanent facility. PRAISE GOD!!! This will free Nathan up so much! Nathan has spent every Saturday night for 3 years at church getting ready and setting up, and this is soon going to be over! He can have a weekend social calender now.

I (Rachel) have had a career change in the last few months also. After 4 wonderful years working at the Tennessee Baptist Convention, I QUIT! I left to sell Real Estate. I made the right decision. I knew that I wasn't getting enough time with Nathan and Noah and was spending too much time on the Interstate. Now, Noah can hang out with me while I work. It's great. I love it. I work at Beck and Beck Real Estate with my dad. I said I would never do it, but God had other plans.

Well, this is our quick little update. We're still going to keep our web album so you can see updates via pictures. You can find them at

Good Night!