Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summertime in '09

Summer is crazy! It is so much fun! Noah wants to be outside every minute of the day. He doesn't care if it's raining or dark- he wants to be there! I love sitting outside with him, but I can only do it so much! And he inevitably gets a tick. He can think about playing outside and he gets a tick! In fact, I've gotten 2 off of him today alone!

We've only been in Pops and KK's pool twice, but Noah is loving it! The water is still too cold for me. I atleast put Kate's swimsuit on her for pictures and put her toes in the water. I think she really did like it! She is one cutie in her surf shirt and bottoms. A tankini I guess you would call it. Me, of all people, I never thought I would say this- but no bikinis for her!

Nathan talked about this last week at church and I am so proud of him... he has felt compelled to garden! We are far from farmers, but we are venturing into this new world with open hearts. With the help of some friends we have started a garden at church and we have our first garden at our house. It's very exciting. We have big plans for these little plots of earth. We are going to learn to can and we are going to share the food with those in need. Our church is constantly getting calls from people that are in some sort of need. We have a food pantry that was very full and now it's not. It didn't take long to empty. So, here's the plan- We are having a worship service at our church this Sunday night, June 14th, and the admission is canned food. We are gong to stock the pantry! We would love to have all of our friends and family join us. It has become very close to our hearts as we are called to feed the hungry.

On a lighter note... Kate is now 3 months old. It seems like she has been in our lives forever. She is truly a joy. She is a very happy baby who loves to laugh and smile. She is rolling over, laughing, holding her head up, and she really LOVES her big brother. But, he can't be trusted around her! He wants to help and he really tries. She was crying and he gave her one of his gummy vitamins because he knew it was medicine and medicine makes you feel better. Later that week he gave her a cheerio because she was hungry. Don't worry I quickly fish these things out of her mouth, but she does not want to give them up. We started cereal this week and it is a success. She loves it. I hope we have another good eater on our hands. I will have her 3 month pictures on the web album soon.

Summer camp is coming soon which means Nathan will be gone with the band. Which means the kids and I will be missing him so much! Pray for us all. Pray that God uses his music to touch the hearts of the teenagers, and pray that we stay sane at home!

Until next time.....