Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Boy Noah!

Last night was the night! We've been talking about it for weeks, but Noah finally slept in his race car bed (PICTURE #2) all night last night!!!! It was really only our second honest attempt, and we put him in it after he fell asleep on the couch...but he stayed. He woke up twice, at 1:30 AM and at 3:30 AM. He didn't get out of the bed though. He stayed in it and cried for us. I went in there to lie with him and he went back to sleep (and so did I). He woke up for good at 7AM, but we weren't upset because he fell asleep at 9:30 PM (PICTURE #1). We have a video monitor on him so we can see if he gets out of the bed, but the night before he had to get back in his baby bed because he kept getting up. I don't think he likes his crib being called a baby bed. He likes the idea of being a big boy. AND, baby sister just got a new crib and he's a big brother and can't be like her!

So, that's the news of the day. We were very proud of him. I guess this all comes with being 2. Friday is Noah's 2nd Birthday. I am still a little in shock that he is already 2. In certain ways I'm afraid the terrible 2's are starting, but in others I can see him growing up so much! Last night, he told me to be patient! His next sentence was "Watch McQueen Right Now!", so... he obviously hears us when we tell him to be patient, but I'm not sure it's working.