Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Newborn Pictures

Last week we finally had Kate's newborn pictures taken and we already have them back! They are wonderful. Thank you Dusty! I have uploaded several of them to our web album, for your viewing pleasure. Everything is going great. Kate is such a gassy baby and I'm trying to remedy that- and everyone has a different opinion. So this week is consumed with making her feel better. A pediatrician (not mine, but one from his office) told me to eliminate dairy from my diet. And this is after I've told her I'm eliminating salad, most veggies, and most fruit! What else is left besides meat? I talked to a lactation nurse today who told me that was crazy and that Kate was probably eating too much! What?!?! She said everything should regulate soon, just to be patient and not change my diet. I am willing to try anything, I just want her to feel better. She seems to be so uncomfortable. But, besides that- everything really is great! Noah is a wonderful big brother, who despite our fears, seems to be adjusting really well. He loves to share his toys. He even has some new stuffed animals that he feeds and changes their diapers. :) It's adorable!
Nathan enjoyed 3 weeks off from church and starts back this week. And just in time!- Our church is starting to have 2 services on Sunday. Very exciting! In our life it means for a tired Daddy by lunchtime. But it is well worth it! So, keep him in your prayers!

Well, Kate has started to cry and Noah is wanting some attention, so I'm needed.

Enjoy the pictures and this beautiful weather outside!

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